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'Statistics Laboratory'

'Statistics - Laboratory'

'Guest lecture conducted on National Statistics day by Dr. S.D. Gore'

Statistics department is established in 1992 under science faculty and during 1998 this course was introduced under B.Sc.[computer science].


Providing quality education at undergraduate level.


  • To Provide quality education through teaching to students and apply the concepts of Statistics successfully to real life problems.
  • To provide students with competancy to handle data.


Ict facility available in the department

1. R-software. ( Free downloading Link )

2.e-PGPathshala link :- https://epgp.inflibnet.ac.in/ahl.php?csrno=34

2. All the computers are connected in LAN.

Teaching methods

Studying Statistics you will learn from a different teaching methods:


Lectures last 48 minutes and there will be three per week for each first year courses and four lectures for each second  year courses. Lectures take place in classrooms, with one teacher responsible for each course.

  1. It is most effective and simple method of curriculum delivery. All the teachers of department use this method for effective curriculum delivery.
  2. Problem solving is practiced in classroom teaching which help understanding of theoretical principles.

Laboratory Work

There are practical course assigned to each year of study. First year and seond year undergraduate will have one practical course which included project works.

During laboratory sessions students perform experiment related to theory. This help students to understand theory as well as applications of statistics in real life.

ICT in Statistics

Powerpoint presentations are used for teaching purposes.                                                                           

Google Classroom

Google classroom facility is used by the faculty. Students are joined in the google classroom. Teaching-learning material, assignments, notices are shared through google classroom. (Link)


Experiential Learning                                                                                         

Practicals are directly related to the theory syllabus. Thus during practical sessions students learn theory as well as their applications in real life through practicals and projects.

Co-Curricular Activity (PUSA - QUIZ)

Every year we conduct STATISTICS QUIZ organized by Pune University Statistics Associatipon (PUSA). This activity is conducted at university level.

Staff Achievements

1.Yeole D.R. received best teacher award from PCMC, on 5th Sept. 2015

2.Yeole D.R. is selected as a committee member of ? World Free From Obesity and Diabetes?

   campaign run by Dr. Jagganath Dixit.

3.Kore K.S. successfully completed two online courses ( Python, Data Science). 

4.Venegurkar S.S. successfully completed online course "Applied Multivariate Statistical Modelling" by NPTEL in May 2022.

5 Dr.D.R. Yeole recived his Ph.D. in Statistics in Apr.2023.

Title of Ph.D. research - Statistical Analysis of Matrimonial data  to identify important characheristics/features in match making.

Students Achievements

Every year center topper and University ranker of PUSA QUIZ is decleared by Pune University Statistics Association.

In year 2016-17 two students, Maharana Jayashri and Thosar Pratibha were university rankers of this quiz.