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Department of Marathi

Profile of the Department

Department of Marathi was established in 1992. The main objective of the department is to enhance student's communicative competence and to make them ambassadors of Marathi language in the global world today. The department believes that language competence leads to the student's empowerment and manage themselves as citizens of India in the 21st century. Marathi department plans student's curriculum and extra-curriculum activities for their overall development through participative culture and adoption of new age technology framework. Principal Dr. Manohar Chaskaris the guiding force and mentor for the department.

The department offers UG and PG courses.  Currently it also runs a short-termMarathi typing course and add on course on 'Modi Lipi' since the past 10 years.

The Department is headed by Prof. Aparna Pande and Dr. Dhananjay Waghmare, Dr. Sangita Landge as faculty members.

Information about the Courses

Name of the Program           

B.A. Marathi


3 Years (Annual System)




Name of the Program           

M.A. Marathi


2 Years (Credit System)




Add-on And Short Term Course.

Modi Lipi : 10 Days Add On Course.

Marathi Typing : Short Term Course.


Provide quality education at undergraduate and postgraduate level and enhance student's passion the towards language and literature to enable them for professional growth in the areas of education, research, media and publishing.


  1. Develop language competence of the students.
  2. Prepare the students for the professional career growth.

Area of Research

Teaching Methods

Lecture method:

  • Most effective mode of transferring the knowledge and experience of the faculty to the students in through the traditional and proven approach of lectures
  • Interactive mode of communication to impart the syllabus topics

Experiential Learning:

  • Story telling by the faculty on the language competence, literature
  • Group discussion on different language areas thereby fostering of thoughts and ideas by the students.

Remedial Teaching:

  • The staff members of the department conducts Remedial Teaching sessions for the students.

Use of ICT tools:

  • Leverage the new age technology tools like power point presentation on different topics of interest and syllabus
  • Audio/ Video lectures of syllabus topics by experts in the respective fields.

Curricular and Co-Curricular Activities

Our department organizes the following programs every year as part of the curricular and co-curricular sessions:

  • The Department arranges 'Bhondla' to inculcate traditions and local culture.
  • 'Nirmiti': Department Wall Magazine to encourage and enhance the writing skills of the students. On Various Special Occasions, example: Sanstha Vardhapan din, Marathi bhasha divas, etc.
  • Students Yoga day: Perform Yoga techniques in the morning
  • Marathi Divas activity: 'Kyva Sammelen', Essay competition, 'Marathi Bhasha Gaurav din'
  • 'Kala Koushalay Karayshala': Artificial Flower making and bouquets, Fabric Painting & Embroidery, Exhibition and Sale
  • 'Avishkar': Student?s activity to imbibe the research culture in our students, our department encouraged them to participate in 'Avishkar' competition
  • Teacher's day celebration on 5th September

 Department Visits

1. Student and faculty menber visited the Marathi Sahitya Samblelan held at saswad.

2. Student and faculty members visited the marathi Sahitya Samblelan held at D.Y Patil College Pimpri.

3. Stusdent and faculty members activity invovled in Student Sahitya Samblelan held at Akurdi.


Year-wise activities successfully completed by the department are detailed below:

  1. Year 2017-18
  • Jagar Mahila Arogyachawas conducted on 4th Aug 2017 by Dr. Mansi Patil
  • Kalakaushallya varg from 19th to 21st Aug 2017 on Artificial flower making and Fabric painting
  • Bhondala was conducted on 26th Sept 2017
  • Alumni Get Together:Alumni Get Together was organized on 9thDecember, 2017.
  • Avishkar Competition: The Under graduate and Post-graduate students presented their posters at the competition held at D Y Patil College. Vamit Samatkar, Chinu Chitodia, Varsha Chavan and Ashwini Madhe participated in the competition
  • Parent-Teacher meeting was held on 22nd Feb 2018
  • Shardaostav was conducted on 7thto 14thFeb 2017:
  • Lecture on Anand Yadav Vyakati Ani Lekhak by Dr. Kirti Mulik
  • Stri-purusha Samanta Ani Hunda Pratha Parisamvad
  • Sutrasanchalan Ek Vyavsay Sandhi-Nana Shivale
  • Vidyarthi Kavya Sammelan
  • Kalakaushallya Pradarshan.
  • Essay competition


  1. Year 2016-17
  • Kalakaushallya varg on 12th and 13thAug 2016 on Artificial flower making and Fabric painting
  • Bhondala was conducted on 4th Oct 2016
  • Marathi Divas on 27th Feb 2017
  • Food Festival:On the occasion of the silver jubilee celebration, the college arranged for a food festival of 25 food stalls. The students of SYBA, special Marathi put up a stall of Veg. Biryani and Ghulab-jam
  • Avishkar Competition: The Under graduate and Post-graduate students presented their posters at the competition held at D Y Patil College. Pratik Mandre, Suraj Chive and Roshan Ingle participated in the competition.


  1. Year 2015-16
  • Kalakaushallya varg on 20thAug 2015 on Artificial flower making and Fabric painting
  • Bhondala was conducted on 21stOct 2015
  • Marathi Divas on 27th Feb 2016
  • Visit to Marathi Sahitya Sammelan

Students and faculty members also visited the Marathi Sahitya Sammelan held at D.Y. Patil college and had the opportunity to listen to the interview of the reputed novelist Chetan Bhagat.



  1. Year 2014-15
  • Kalakaushallya varg on 20th Aug 2014 on Artificial flower making and Fabric painting
  • Bhondala was conducted on 21st Oct 2014
  • Marathi Divas on 27th Feb 2015 - Kusumagrajchya Kavitanche Vachan
  • Shardaostav was conducted on 2nd to 7thFeb 2015:
    • Kavyavachan
    • G N Dandekar-Dr.veena Deo
    • Kathakathan-Ajinkya Bhosale
    • Striyanchi Atamcharitre-Dr.Shobha Patil
    • Paper-Vachan
  • Visits to the Centre of Marathi Studies, Mahatma Gandhi Institute, Moka, Mauritius and Open University, Moka, Mauritius:Aparna Pande and Dr. Aparna Sabne visited the Centre of Marathi Studies, Mahatma Gandhi Institute, Moka, Mauritius and the Open University, Moka, Mauritius on 8th and 9thJanuary, 2015 and met Dr., Director, Mahatma Gandhi Institute and Dr. Director General, Open University, Moka, Mauritius. They met Hon. Shantaram Baboo, the Cultural Minister, Government of Mauritius.


Teachers Day Celebration:

The students of the department celebrated the Teachers Day on 5th September 2014 with zest and vigor. The students successfully conducted lectures on behalf of the teachers. There was a cultural programme presented by the students and the teachers were also felicitated.

Faculty Achievements

  1. Dr. Aparna Ashok Sabne - P.D.E.A. Baburaowaji Gholap Award on 16th Aug 2013

Students Achievements

Students of our department have shown exceptional talent in the academic field and also in the extracurricular activities every year. Few of the student achievements are highlighted below:

  • Nilima Phatak (M.A.) got Shelar Mama Gold Medal at Pune University in 2018-19
  • Vidya Rikibe(M.A.) got Shelar Mama Gold Medal at Pune University in 2010-11
  • Omkar Khandagale(M.A.) got Shelar Mama Gold Medal at Pune University in 2012-13
  • Anita Gadekar Elected as U.R. for R.M.College and 'Sachiv' of Student Council of Pune University.
  • Vaishali Jhadav (M.A) awarded 'Shelar Mama Gold Medal' at Savirtibhai Phule Pune University in 2014-15
  • Reham Pathan direct short films and was felicitated by the University Vice Chancellor for getting third prize in the zonal level drama competition
  • Roshan Ingle participated in the National Youth Workshop conducted by Swami Vivekananda Kendra, Kanya Kumari