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'Guest Lecture On Personality Developement 2017'

'Guest Lecture On "Current Trends In IT"'

'Guest Lecture on"Machine Learning using Python"'

'Guest Lecture on "Automation Testing with Selenium Web Driver"'

'Inauguration function "Technovation-2023"'

'Speech by Prof. Aditya Abhyankar (Head and Director of Technology SPPU) @ "Technovation-2023"'

'Key note by Principal Dr.M.G.Chaskar(Dean Science and Technology SPPU)'

'Codethon Competition'

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'Short Term Course on "Computer Hardware and Maintenance""'


Our vision is to harness the skill and potential of aspiring students and providing them the required professional grooming to face a highly competitive and globally connected world and also to help them get an edge in their chosen professional streams. 


  1. Provide quality  graduate education in both the theoretical and applied foundations of computer science and train students to effectively apply this education to solve real-world problems thus amplifying their potential for lifelong high-quality careers and give them a competitive advantage in the ever-changing and challenging global work environment of the 21st century
  2. We seek to develop in each member of the computer science department the ability and passion to work wisely, creatively and effectively for the betterment of humankind.
  3. Provide computer science expertise to the people


  1. To develop different software development skills in the students with current trends in IT Industry and to take up student at various positions such as System Analyst, Software engineers, Web Design Programmers, Database Administrators, Academician in different areas of computer application.
  2. To impart knowledge required for planning, designing and building Complex Application Software Systems as well as provide support to automated systems or application.
  3. To produce entrepreneurs who can develop customized solutions for small and medium enterprises.


Curricular and Co-curricular Activities

  1. Department regularly conducts the guest lectures, aptitude, technical test and Group discussion for better placement of students. 
  2. Assignments and Tutorials are given by subject teachers for continuous assessment

Teaching Methods

 Teachers of the department adopted different methods for teaching.

     Lecture Methods    

  1. Problem solving is practiced in classroom teaching which help understanding of theoretical principles
  2. Teachers of the department conduct seminars of particular subjects for better understanding of the topic for students.

     Laboratory Work  

  1. Practical session is inherent part of syllabus.
  2. During practical , incharge explain the assignment and related concepts in around ten minutes using white board if required or by demonstrating practical on the software.
  3. Practicals on communication are conducted to improve communicative skills of students.


  1. Teachers of department use power points presentation as one of the teaching methodology.
  2. Google Classroom used effectively to interact with students .On Google classroom staff shares study materials to the students such as notes, question Banks, assignments, tutorials, syllabus , etc. Link 

          Google Classroom Link

      Experiential Learning

  1. After students have finished an assignment or lesson plan they identify a topic in the lesson that is open-ended — suitable for discussion and debate — and that will serve as an appropriate way for building a good understanding for the topic.
  2. Most of the course practicals are directly related to the theory syllabus thus during the practical sessions student solve the problems and get clearity on theory learned.
  3. The student organizes seminar and group discussion.






1. Mr. Shubham Kute (F.Y. BCA(Science) has selected for 30th National Tennis ball Championship Cricket Competition in Haridwar Uttarakhand as a filder and best bowler.



The following B.C.A. (Computer Science) students are placed in various IT companies.


Name of Students

Name of Company


Kshitija Natkar

Capgemini Pvt. Ltd.


 Mayur Bhandari



 Kunal Pandurang Tajane  Mphasis Ltd Eon IT park Kharadi


Kiran Madhukar Jadhav  Mphasis Ltd Eon IT park Kharadi


Sainath SantoshChannawar Softzeal Technology Pvt.Ltd.


The following B.C.A. (Computer Science)students are placed in various IT companies.


Name of Students

Name of Company


Pratik N. Sangpal TCS Ltd Pune


The following B.C.A. (Computer Science)  students are placed in various IT companies.


Name of Students

Name of Company


Akshay S. Diware Yash Technology


Tushar Supe Tata Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd


Sagar Kivale

Tata Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd


Prajwal Chorge  Ventura Technologies
5. Sayeed  Tech. Mahindra


Sr.No. Course Name Course Details Year Document
1 BCA(Science) BCA(Science) Course Structure 2019 BCA(Science) Course Structure
2 F.Y.B.C.A.(Science) -BCA (111) Fundamentals of Computer 2019 B.C.A (101).pdf
3 F.Y.B.C.A.(Science)-BCA (112) Problem Solving and C Programming  2019 B.C.A (102).pdf
4 F.Y.B.C.A.(Science)-BCA (113) Applied Mathematics  2019 B.C.A. (103).pdf
5 F.Y.B.C.A.(Science)-BCA (114) Business Communication  2019 B.C.A. (104).pdf
6 F.Y.B.C.A.(Science)-BCA (115) Fundamentals of Computers Laboratory 2019 B.C.A. (105).pdf
7 F.Y.B.C.A.(Science)-BCA (116) C Programming Laboratory 2019 B.C.A. (106).pdf
8 F.Y.B.C.A.(Science)-BCA (117) Applied MAthematics Laboratory 2019  
9 F.Y.B.C.A.(Science)-BCA (118) Business Communication Laboratory 2019  
8 F.Y.B.C.A.(Science)-BCA (121) Computer Organization 2019 B.C.A. (201).pdf
9 F.Y.B.C.A.(Science)-BCA (122) Advanced 'C' Programming 2019 B.C.A. (202).pdf
10 F.Y.B.C.A.(Science)-BCA (123) Operating Systems Concepts 2019 B.C.A. (203).pdf
11 F.Y.B.C.A.(Science)-BCA (124) Database Management Systems-I 2019 B.C.A. (204).pdf
12 F.Y.B.C.A.(Science)-BCA (125) Computer Organization Laboratory 2019 B.C.A. (205).pdf
13 F.Y.B.C.A.(Science)-BCA (126) Advanced 'C' Programming Laboratory 2019 B.C.A. (206).pdf
  F.Y.B.C.A.(Science)-BCA (127) Operating Systems Laboratory 2019  
  F.Y.B.C.A.(Science)-BCA (128) Database Management Systems-I Laboratory 2019  
14 S.Y.B.C.A.(Science)-BCA (301) Data Structure 2017-18 B.C.A. (301).pdf
15 S.Y.B.C.A.(Science)-BCA (302) Advanced RDBMS 2017-18 B.C.A. (302).pdf
16 S.Y.B.C.A.(Science)-BCA (303) Software Engineering 2017-18 B.C.A. (303).pdf
17 S.Y.B.C.A.(Science)-BCA (304) Introduction to Computer Network 2017-18 B.C.A. (304).pdf
18 S.Y.B.C.A.(Science)-BCA (305) Lab -I (Data Structure) 2017-18 B.C.A. (305).pdf
19 S.Y.B.C.A.(Science)-BCA (306) Lab -II (Advanced RDBMS) 2017-18 B.C.A. (306).pdf
20 S.Y.B.C.A.(Science)-BCA (401) C++ 2017-18 B.C.A. (401).pdf
21 S.Y.B.C.A.(Science)-BCA (402) Introduction to Web Technology 2017-18 B.C.A. (402).pdf
22 S.Y.B.C.A.(Science)-BCA (403) Advanced Networking and Security 2017-18 B.C.A. (403).pdf
23 S.Y.B.C.A.(Science)-BCA (404) OOSE 2017-18 B.C.A. (404).pdf
24 S.Y.B.C.A.(Science)-BCA (405) Lab I - (C++) 2017-18 B.C.A. (405).pdf
25 S.Y.B.C.A.(Science)-BCA (406) Lab II -(Web Technology) 2017-18 B.C.A. (406).pdf
26 S.Y.B.C.A.(Science)-BCA (407) Grid and Cloud Computing 2017-18 B.C.A. (407).pdf
27 T.Y.B.C.A.(Science)-BCA (501) Core Java 2018-19 B.C.A. (501).pdf
28 T.Y.B.C.A.(Science)-BCA (502) Advanced Web Technology 2018-19 B.C.A. (502).pdf
29 T.Y.B.C.A.(Science)-BCA (503) Software Quality Assurance 2018-19 B.C.A. (503).pdf
30 T.Y.B.C.A.(Science)-BCA (504) Operating Systems 2018-19 B.C.A. (504).pdf
31 T.Y.B.C.A.(Science)-BCA (505) Lab I- (Core Java) 2018-19 B.C.A. (505).pdf
32 T.Y.B.C.A.(Science)-BCA (506) Lab II -(Advanced Web Technology) 2018-19 B.C.A. (506).pdf
33 T.Y.B.C.A.(Science)-BCA (601) Android Programming 2018-19 B.C.A(Science)(601).pdf
34 T.Y.B.C.A.(Science)-BCA (602) Python Programming 2018-19 B.C.A(Science)(602).pdf
35 T.Y.B.C.A.(Science)-BCA (603) Recent Trends in IT (IOT) 2018-19 B.C.A(Science)(603).pdf
36 T.Y.B.C.A.(Science)-BCA (604) Data Analytics 2018-19 B.C.A(Science)(604).pdf
37 T.Y.B.C.A.(Science)-BCA (605) Lab I-(Android Programming) 2018-19 B.C.A(Science)(605).pdf
38 T.Y.B.C.A.(Science)-BCA (606) Lab II-(Python ) 2018-19 B.C.A(Science)(606).pdf
39 T.Y.B.C.A.(Science)-BCA (607) Introduction to Green Computing 2018-19 B.C.A(Science)(607).pdf
40 F.Y. BCA (Science) 2019 Pattern F.Y. BCA (Science) 2019-20 FY_BCA_Syllabus_2019.pdf
41 S.Y. BCA (Science) 2019 Pattern S.Y. BCA(Science) 2020-21 SY BCA_syllabus_2019.pdf

Technovatition 2023

The department of BCA(science) organized Technovation 2023 intracollegiate event.

This event was organized on 15th and 16th March 2023,various competitions was conducted like Codethon,Poster Presentation,Project Hub and Debate Competition. Around 120 students were participated.

For Inauguration function Principal Dr.M.G.Chaskar (Dean Science and Technology SPPU) guide the students, chief guest Dr. Aditya Abhyankar (Head and Director of Technology SPPU) gave a key note for our students.


For more details click on below link: